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                                                                 I have a dear friend looking for a forever home, please help! 
He is a really great guy.  A young adult and very young at heart.  His name is Mr. Pendelton.  He is a “special needs kitty” in that he has some allergies and some IBD.  Both of these things can/are being treated with medications and a special diet.  He’s very friendly, playful, lovey and gets along with just about everyone and had killer green eyes to beat.  Catzablanca is now taking applications to find this guy the most wonderful forever home he deserves.  Please apply in person.

Now for our next bread in the series:

                                                             The Balinese:

They get their name from its sinuous flowing movement, which reminded early breeders of Balinese dancers. Its oriental body type, with a long, tubular body and a wedge-shaped head, is softened by the semi-long coat that graces its body. The head type is the same as the Siamese and includes a flat profile and flared ears. Traditional colors are seal, chocolate, blue and lilac points. Red, cream, lynx and parti-color points are registered as Balinese in some associations, and as Javanese in others. The rascally long-haired version of Siamese is not only beautiful, but extremely intelligent and affectionate as well. Wonderful with both children and other pets, Balis just seem to make friends with everyone.

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Aug 2016
Celebrating 25 Years!!

Larry’s Blog…………..

August 22, is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!  Woohoo!  August is also National Immunization Awareness Month!  What a way to celebrate both.  I know there has been a lot of talk out there about the dangers of immunization.  Come on in and learn more about the safety of immunizations and the good things that can come from them.  We love to help folks learn about the best way to care for and be proactive about your cat’s health and wellbeing.